Slap Save Pinball Podcast

Ep. 8/60: Back to the Future

January 22, 2019

In episode 60 of the Slap Save Pinball Podcast we look back at 2019 and summarize the current state of pinball.  Chris has somehow still avoided a temper induced aneurysm, and this time goes off on a tangent about the announcement of a game he's not thrilled with.  We tackle Sterns Wifi updates and it's consequences, tournament hacks using the same system, the effect of last years Sales Tax and talk about A LOT of games that have hit the market since we started this jalopy just over *1 year ago.  We hope you enjoy this unique, special edition of our podcast and thanks for joining us on the ride. Sorry for the issues with Chris's sound quality.  We have it figured out and it will be fixed in the next episode. 

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*one year ago in time travel